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About Us


Comapny V-ComNet s.r.o. was established in 2017 on the basis of close cooperation with companies Raycom s.r.o and Raycom Services s.r.o, when one of the owners of these companies died tragically in an air crash. Most of the services from company Raycom services went to V-ComNet.

Our main activity is the ICT outsorcing and provision of telecommunication services. Our team specializes close cooperation with the customer, where we emphasize personal approach to support of computer and telecommunication technologies.


ICT outsorcing

ICT outsourcing in V-ComNet comes to year 2000 when we are meet in computer service Apple in Akcent company. There was support not only for the computers, but we found experiences in Color management and prepress, where we have been engaged in the production of ICC profiles, calibration of printing machines and monitors and management of printing technology. The gradual administration of computing technology in other companies has allowed the expansion of other services, especially in the area of ​​company networks. This activity, where we primarily deal with Apple Macintosh and OSX, but of course Linux and Windows platforms too. We try to maintain trends in this area and so we attend various training courses that bring new horizons to the secrets of these systems. We allow small and medium-sized companies to manage up to 100 users, both through personal presence and remote access. We are able to design the company's ICT infrastructure to enable customers to minimize the cost of running the entire computer network in the company.


Active technology support

Since 2009, we have been mainly focused on LAN and WAN network management, especially we have expanded our portfolio of internet access network and cooperation with larger operator such as UPC and so on. As a follow-up to this, we have built smaller local networks, where we primarily promoted active technology from Packetfront, Genexis and Mikrotik. Starting in 2012, we have also begun working with other foreign companies, in addition to ICT services and direct customer support, to deliver telecommunication technology to ISP operators, where we started to offer GPON services such as DASAN and other FTTH telecommunication networks . Here we have been dealing with modern trends in DAS (distributed antenna system), especially for mobile operators from TE Connectivity (Commscope) and JMA Wireless.



Fusion splicers and RecordSplice repair

Experience in Raycom s.r.o. and Telco VNT s.r.o allows us to perform repairs to their supplied equipment, especially the TelcoSpllicer fiber optic splicer and RecordSplice.

We have been trained for both of these devices, including offset settings, V-groove cleaning, transport settings, motor settings and optics components. We have original spare parts. In the case of the RecordSplice, which is only a mechanical device, it requires expert assembly and disassembly, and we are authorized by the manufacturer on the basis of training that allows us to make an authorized service.



Design and construction of structure cabling systems

The design and construction of structured cabling dates back to 2003. When we moved our customers with ICT support, we built the physical infrastructure in the CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 categories, but with the Commscope and Corning suppliers, supply and assembly of metallic and optical pre-conectorized solutions directly in the datacenters, especially with the operators T-Mobile CZ and UPC ČR. One of the most known is CE-Colo datacenter, it cam be used as reference, where we proposed a study of the interconnection of individual racks and rooms with a pre-conectorized metallic solution from Corning supplier in the CAT6a category. Structured cabling we are ready to measure and certify according to TIA and ISO standards with certification devices with output protocols.



For smaller companies, we are able to rent space in the data center for their servers under best conditions, we can also offer a virtual server hosting on the VMWARE ESXI platform, where we have servers and redundant datastorage of tens of TB capacity. We currently operate approximately 20 virtual servers on this platform. Servers are located in the TIER 3 datacenter from 24/7 access options, with emphasis on uninterruptible power and connectivity. We have 2x 1024Mbps connectivity, which is connected directly to the datacenter in the NIX CR with other operators. Of course, there are services on Linux platforms such as Webhosting with different types of databases, FTP server, Mailhosting with unlimited number of users and accesses and other services that are necessary for each company. The VMWARE ESXI cluster contains two redundant HA's Synology storage, connected to a redundant 10Gbps line to 3 servers, where the capacity can be distributed between them using V-Motion. This creates a High Aviability Cluster, which naturally has a Vsphere data replication for online virtual server replication and a Vsphere data protection that can keep backups of virtual servers for weeks to months.


Server and network monitoring

With Nagios monitoring software, we monitor the network, especially routers and switches at customers sites, minimizing service outages. Remote Control of the servers and backup of individual equipments is part of this service, enabling customers to provide statistics on their network traffic and services - primarily storage capacity, network throughput, and physical layers.


Own Cloud

New company requirements, in particular for retaining personal data and other GDPR-related regulations, have been incorporated into the Cloud Solutions portfolio for companies that prefer to have data on their own physical and virtual servers. Also wants to use the cloud to synchronize computers and also mobile devices. NextCloud as an opensource solution which is perfect fit to these requirements. Simple sharing of documents within a company and sending links to e-mail, for example, allows you to eliminate duplicates of data, reducing disk space and keeping audit of confidential documents. Data is secured via encrypted https communication, and data can be encrypted using keys. It is also easy to co-operate with other external datastorage and last but not least, allows you to have documents in one place. In addition to shared storage, NextCloud offers add-ons such as PDF viewer, tasks, calendar, and contact management in the company. We are able to deploy all of this on our servers and also on the customer servers.


Providing internet & VoIP services

Smaller local networks and rented data circuits have enabled us to provide public telecommunication networks with dynamic routing. At present, we have about twenty B2B customers in Vestec near Prague and Prague, where we mostly provide Internet at public IPv4 addresses. In some locations, we have optical network, but we also provide these services on 80GHZ microwave links, which are always connected to UPC Czech Republic's backbone optical network or network of T-Mobile Czech Republic. We are able to provide aggregation 1:1 - 1:4 and connectivity to 1Gbps / 1Gbps. Services are mostly delivered to the RJ45 interface, but can be also on optical interface. If we need to build a LAN network at the customer, we are able to provide everything needed for Firewall service, VPN and standard customer needs in LANs such as DHCP, speed reduction and QOS, etc. We also have a virtual VoIP PBX based on the SIP protocol and therefore provide our customers with telephone services where they can manage their own phone lines at advantages tariffs for the international calls.


IOS hardware repair

As we are primarily focused on Apple Macintosh platforms since the beginning of our existence, we also offer HW repair of these devices, not just small ones, such as hard drive replacement or memory for older Macs, but we are able to provide repairs of mainboards in our partners service department, to replace individual chips and then test them. Small repairs of IOS devices, such as display and digitizer replacement, or replacement of flex cables and sensors including iPhone or iPad cameras are done by ourselves. We do this in a short time, thus eliminating customer downtimes in the event of a device malfunction. We are able to design and build a PC servers and also office workstations and specialized PC station - see the technologically computer with a video editing card for 450000 CZK.


Microwave radio links installation

Since 2011, we have experience in 80GHz radio communications from EBAND Communication company, which had the best developed units at that time for the power. The 80GHz band is not licensed in our country, so connections are desirable due to a transmission capacity of up to 3Gbps. Often, these links are called Wireless fiber because they have technology that can transfer the L1 physical layer of the OSI model. Due to adaptive modulation, we can select for example DBPSK modulation that is robust with 625MHz channel and allows full duplex 1Gbps / 1Gbps with 5uS latency. The units are powered by PoE over the RJ45 port management. The data tributary port is designed as an interface for SFP modules. Installing these drives does not require any additional devices and you can choose an optical and metallic connection to the radio. In addition to these connections, we will of course install 2.4 and 5GHz access points and point to point connections in this band for short-range transmissions.


SPF programming and delivery

Cooperation with Chinese manufacturers of SFP modules enables us to replace significantly more expensive original modules from CISCO, JUNIPER, BROCADE, HP, DELL and other Vendor specific modules, where EEPROMs are programmed for the requirements for running in these switches and routers or servers. We are able to provide almost any SFP, SFP +, CFP and other converters for these telecommunication devices. Cooperation with customers then enables them to test and minimize the cost of these expensive modules.


IoT - Internet of things

Since 2015, we have been working with LoRa technology for the use of low-power equipment primarily for operators applications. We are able to provide and build a LoRaWan network, for example, to measure the consumption of electicity, heat, water or gas. The IoT industry also allows the network to be used for various EZS, EPS, monitoring, and control applications of various equipments.

The network feature is based on the LoraWan protocol, which is taken as a standard, where we can provide support for Gateways (Packet Forwarders) and for individual sensors of measured or controlled quantities. We have a developed Network Server that is needed in this industry to manage these individual components. We are also can help customers to develop web applications for their IoT solution.


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Telco Splicers repair, ICT outsorcing

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